The article discusses a case in which a young athlete was denied necessary medical attention by his coaches, leading to a severe respiratory infection that ended his soccer career. His family hired a law firm to seek justice, but the law firm is now being counter-sued for negligence. The case is expected to attract significant media attention and could have far-reaching implications for the legal profession.



Redmond, Kansas, United States, 16th Apr 2023, King NewsWireThe parents of an international athlete are speaking out after their son was denied necessary medical attention by coaches during his freshman year. The athlete had earned a full-ride scholarship to play soccer for the university, and his parents sent him off with passion, trust, and beaming joy after a decade of sacrifices to pursue his dream.

However, during the athlete’s first month of training in the Pacific Northwest, he began to experience ongoing signs of exhaustion, compromised breathing, and reduced motor skills. Despite these clear warning signs, the coaches did not offer him medical attention. Instead, they belittled him for his lack of focus and dedication while he sat on the sidelines, unable to breathe. One of the coaches even yelled at him in front of the team, “Why don’t you get a puffer?!”

Eventually, the athlete collapsed on the training field without any support or help from the coaches. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severe respiratory infection that could have been treated earlier with medical attention. His dreams of playing soccer at the college were dashed, and his parents were left reeling from the traumatic experience.

“We trusted the coaches and the university to take care of our son,” said the athlete’s parents. “We had no idea that they would prioritize winning games over the health and safety of their players. It’s unacceptable.”

The family is now calling for greater accountability and transparency in how college athletes are treated by coaches and universities. They want to ensure that no other family has to go through the same traumatic experience.

The athlete’s story is a reminder that the health and safety of college athletes must always come first. Universities and coaches have a responsibility to provide their players with the necessary medical attention and support to thrive both on and off the field.

[City, State] – Kenny hertz Perry Attorneys and MIT Winter, a top sports lawyer, have helped an NCAA athlete and his family navigate a difficult journey after a devastating injury threatened his future in sports.

The young athlete, a promising international soccer star, collapsed and was rushed to the hospital against the advice of his university athletic trainer and coaches. His family physician insisted on hospitalization, leading to an eight-month journey of uncertainty, pain, and devastating losses, including the athlete’s soccer career and his signed international player offer.

Determined to right the wrong, the athlete’s mother searched for a sports lawyer experienced in handling NCAA athlete cases. Kenny hertz Perry Attorneys and MIT Winter stood out, and the athlete’s mother hired the firm to represent their family.

Over the months that followed, the legal team worked tirelessly to pursue justice for the young athlete, navigating complex legal issues and fighting for his rights. The athlete’s mother alleges that the experience published by both the law firm and the attorney misrepresented the chaotic and devastating reality of their journey.



Kansas City, KS – In a landmark legal case, a mother has filed a $2,500,000 counterclaim against the law firm Kenny Hertz Perry Attorneys. Jennifer Dickinson alleges that the firm misrepresented its ability to provide a qualified sports lawyer experienced in personal injury and case management, representing NCAA and professional athletes.

The case stems from an incident in which Dickinson’s son collapsed on a soccer field and was left with life-threatening injuries. Dickinson claims that the law firm failed to provide the quality of legal representation that they had promised and that their negligence led to her son’s prolonged suffering.

Despite these allegations, the law firm filed a lawsuit in Johnson County District Court against Dickinson, claiming that she had not paid her bills and breached her contract. However, rather than backing down, Dickinson fired back with her counterclaim, alleging fraud, misrepresentation, unethical behavior, and libel.

If Dickinson’s case goes to trial, it will mark a significant moment in Kansas State history as a pro Se individual takes on a high-powered law firm. Dickinson is determined to seek justice for her son and hold the law firm accountable for their actions.

In a statement, Dickinson said, “This has been a long and difficult journey, but I will not stop fighting until I have justice for my son. I believe that Kenny Hertz Perry Attorneys acted unethically and that they must be held accountable for their actions. I hope that my case will set a precedent for others who have been let down by their legal representation.”

The case is expected to attract significant media attention and could have far-reaching implications for the legal profession.


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